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Dean of the College

Welcome to the Islamic University of Gaza. I congratulate all those students who work very hard to get high marks and to enter the university. I really feel honored and humbled by such students who will again study well to serve their society in the future.


This stage of learning will draw your astonishing future. You will stay four to five years in the university with its ten faculties, and you will be distributed among the fifty programs. In addition, many of you will join the advanced studies for more learning and experience. We hope you have a great learning and experience here that will serve you well throughout your life. Also, we value our students and strive to meet their individual needs. 




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Deanship of Admission and Registration | Islamic University of Gaza
PO. B: 108
Phone: 2860700 8 970 +
Fax: 2860800 8 970 +
E-mail: regist@iugaza.edu . ps


How to choose adequately specialized?

a range of factors affecting the decision to the student when choosing a university specialization and some difficulty in decision-making .... We are here to help you decide, but remember that your decision you



Deanship of Admission and Registration shall accept and record students' academic and save their files even after they graduate from the University and Dean strives to implement University policies and adopt transparency in all procedures.